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An Ultimate Manual On The Extended Essay Format

When many students see “extended essay format” they sarcastically think that it means simply extended their page account just a little bit. While that is a fair assumption for anyone to make, this is actually an academic writing format that many are not used to seeing outside of APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago).

Today we are going to give you the ultimate (yet brief and intricate) manual you can take with you throughout your entire academic career.

Never miss these elements… never!

Just like any other form of essays, it is important that you provide all of the information necessary. Missing anything (even if it is minor) can be the difference between an A+ and a B+. These are the elements that you need to have in your extended essay to achieve the best grade possible.

Choose your academic writing style wisely

When you have the option to choose your writing format, you have the option to not only choose what you “specialize” in but a format that fits your writing style for the topic/subject. There are a variety of options you can choose from including Harvard, MLA< APA, Chicago, and more to choose from.

How long should your sections be?

With seven sections available, you should have enough content at your disposal to meet your page requirements. The length of your sections should be set accordingly to what format you use. If you know that your body paragraphs may be one or two paragraphs (250-300 words) short, figure out a way to cover those words within other sections at your discretion. The great part about this assignment is that there are places to add on if you feel like the paper is too short.

Overall extended essays can be a pain at times to write (especially if it is your first time writing one). However, this manual gives you everything that you need to, which is straight to the point. We want you to take this manual with you for every class. No matter what the topic/subject is, apply these tips to your paper and you will earn a great grade in the end!

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