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A list of unique essay topics about Death of a Salesman

Death of a salesman is a famous play written in the twentieth century by the famous American dramatist Arthur Miller. The play has been the recipient of several awards including the Pulitzer Prize for drama. The play is considered as one of the best plays written in the twentieth century. It is interesting to write about the play as it portrays the idea of the famous American Dream in various ways. It doesn’t present only the stereotypical financial rise of an individual.

Essays on this text can be written on a variety of topics. A lot of themes have been taken up by this play, like illusion, the loss of the pastoral life, the happiness of the past, etc.

Here are some essay topics that you can take up and write on for your assignment on this particular text.

  1. Consider the effect that the death of Willy the salesman has. As per you, what do the views of the other characters like Happy, Biff, Charlie, Linda serve to indicate about the effect of Willy’s death? Is Willy becoming a martyr after his death, why?
  2. Do you think that the narrative presented in The Death of a Salesman is reliable? To what extent is it reliable?
  3. Enumerate on the treatment of the themes of The American dream as portrayed in the play. What does it serve to say about this theme? How is the treatment of the theme different from its treatment elsewhere like, The Great Gatsby?
  4. Discuss some of the main motifs in the play. How do they contribute to your interpretation of the text?
  5. How does Miller show the idea of modernity and progress through his work? Describe in detail the motifs that serve to demonstrate the idea of progress and modernity.
  6. Do you there is some significance in the names of the character in the play? How so? Do the names serve as contrast or compliment the characters?
1. Consider the gender relations that are at play in the work. Do you think Miller presents a stable and peaceful relation in The Death of a Salesman? Should it serve as model? Are such relationships possible? 2. Consider the character of Linda in terms of her being the centre of morality in the play. 3. Explain how the character of the protagonist, Willy is conveyed through words, motifs gestures, etc. 4. Willy’s American dream. If you choose one of these titles and flesh it out, you will surely secure a good grade. Try to research well before you write.
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