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A Collection Of 20 Interesting Persuasive Essay Prompts About Youth

A persuasive essay is an academic assignment where the author should defend some idea using strong arguments. Your teacher may ask you to compose a persuasive paper related to teenagers and young people. This is a rather broad field. To come up with a good and unique topic of your own, you may get some inspiration from interesting sample topics.

A List of Topics for a Persuasive Essay about Youth

  1. Video violence has a negative effect on a teenage brain.
  2. Physical education should be mandatory for college students every day.
  3. Students shouldn’t wear offensive or controversial T-shirts in colleges.
  4. Computer labs are unnecessary in colleges nowadays.
  5. Wearing uniforms in schools and colleges is unnecessary.
  6. The Internet influences teenagers to engage in risky activities.
  7. Students should be allowed to use mobile gadgets in class.
  8. Young people should know foreign languages.
  9. Pregnant teenagers shouldn’t make abortions.
  10. Young people should get the higher education for free.
  11. Teachers shouldn’t friend their students in social networks.
  12. Students should be taught how to fight back cyber bullies.
  13. Teenagers should eat healthy food to avoid early obesity.
  14. A young person should be engaged in, at least, one type of sports.
  15. The drinking age should be increased.
  16. Modern teenagers have to grow up too fast.
  17. Students should cooperate with adults to reduce violence in schools.
  18. Young people should learn how not to be dependent on materialism.
  19. Modern teenagers don’t know how to communicate without the Internet.
  20. Teenagers nowadays are too concerned about their looks.

Useful Tips for Writing a Persuasive Essay

After you’ve picked your topic, you should come up with several points to defend your main statement. Keep in mind that in a persuasive paper, you don’t have to use only those arguments that can be supported with factual proof. You may support your points with plausible theories and strong logical conclusions too.

Before you start writing, it’s advisable to compose a thesis statement that will express the main purpose of your paper and make an outline based on this statement. This way, the structure of your text will be firm and the reader will clearly understand your message.

Write your paper in the third person and maintain formal tone throughout your text. If you aren’t a very good writer, it’s advisable to stick to simple but clear language rather than use intricate sentence structures that can confuse the reader.

Don’t forget to proofread your essay before submitting it.

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