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10 Best World History Prompts For High School Students

Writing a history prompt in high school can be extremely difficult when you don’t know what your doing, but when you begin to have an understanding it can be the most easiest thing in the whole wide world. Soon you will know the different ways you can write your own paper with ease, but it does take time. Read this article to the end to find out what the best methods are. With that approach here are 10 best world history prompts for high school students.

  1. The history of the world wars and all its secrets
  2. The history of the Bermuda triangle and the conspiracies
  3. When were the 7 wonders of the world build?
  4. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  5. How has terrorist attacks shaped the world we live in today?
  6. The beginning to the end of world slavery
  7. Famous explorers that lead the world in discovery
  8. The history of the berlin wall both east and west sides
  9. The great fire of London how and why did it happen?
  10. The rise of Adolf Hitler and the fall of the Nazi

Those are just a few topics which you can write about now, since they have a lot of information within them. Just pick a topic that you feel like you will enjoy, because you will be more productive when doing the work. Otherwise you will not enjoy the project, thus the quality of the grade will dramatically decrease. Also, you could pick a topic that you have no knowledge about, because you won’t have to do as much research.

On the other hand you can pick a topic that you have completely no knowledge about, but you know you will find it interesting. This way you will learn something new, which is great as knowledge is power. Just remember that you will have to do a lot of research, because the topic is completely new to you. There are many places you can go to the research so don’t worry, because the methods are endless. If you have completely no idea where to go forums are a good place to start, because a lot of people us them, thus there will be a lot of information there.

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