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13 Thought-Provoking Topics To Create A College Persuasive Essay On

The following is a list of some of the best ideas that you can work with, if you are supposed to write a persuasive essay:

  1. Discuss the challenges that the government faces in the adoption of marijuana as a legal substance for medicinal purposes
  2. It should be illegal for anyone to drive around, or be in a car without their seat belts on. Discuss
  3. Explain the nature of advancement and changes that are available in the learning environment, with an emphasis on the replacement of textbooks with tablets and laptops
  4. Highlight some of the key areas where schools can work hard towards raising more money through trading with students, without exceeding the ethical boundaries
  5. Free health care is something that has been promised by different members of parliament from time to time. Discuss some of the disadvantages of having a free health care system
  6. Violent video games are still the in thing today, as was the case back in the day. Discuss some of the alternatives that parents and other relative members of the society can work around to make sure that the kids do not become violent when, during and after playing these games
  7. Propose some recommendations that should be put in place, that will help in the reform of the immigration laws
  8. Highlight the benefit of civil unions, and cite reasons why the federal government should start recognizing their presence
  9. Discuss the rampant misuse of birth control emergency pills, and the challenges that this poses to the lives of those who misuse them
  10. Discuss some of the instances of the government clampdown on pirated digital content online, and comment on the nature of the results of such operations
  11. Explain some of the main reasons why cities are not supposed to have free Wi-Fi services
  12. Under the glare of continued public outcry over the spread of lifestyle diseases, critically examine the presence of major fast food outlets close to learning institutions
  13. Discuss the current level of prostitution in the world, and the need for governments to weigh in and regulate the business for more revenue collection

Make sure that even with these topics, you are able to persuade the reader to see and appreciate your point of view. After all, that is the key challenge when working on a persuasive paper.

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