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Clever Ideas On How To Write A Persuasive Essay Introduction

Persuasive essays are just that: persuasive. The goal is pretty simple; you have a topic and you want to persuade the readers in one way or another on your topic. Maybe you want people to stop buying a product because the company that produces it has bad practices, or maybe you want books to be written a certain way because you find that to be the best way to write them. No matter the idea, the goal is to persuade them. It's important that the introduction of the essay be clever, so as to grab the reader into the essay.

These types of questions not only engage the reader, but they also make them curious to see where the writer will take their thesis.

An introduction needs to attract the reader, while clearly stating the purpose of the writing. When writing a persuasive essay introduction, it's important to continually maintain the readers’ interest in your argument by utilizing hooks and making it personal. These things will help guide the reader into your argument and the main body of the writing.

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