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Ideas For A Narrative Essay: 20 Suggestions For Students

Writing narrative essays can be a favorite pastime of many people and so is reading them. Through these stories, people are able to share their personal experiences with the rest of the world. While not particularly suited to research work, valuable information can be extracted from these papers providing academics with many ideas and theories to work with.

When writing a narrative essay, one can rely on many established styles and skills to help them compose a coherent paper. This can be quite helpful, a good outline and format can go a long way in making a paper an impressive one. The following is a list of 20 narrative essay suggestions for students to consider:

  1. They events of the day I got lost at the beach with my dog.
  2. What happens when you neglect your teeth, the cavity gets bad and you visit the dentist in agony.
  3. My earliest memory as a child growing up in my parent’s house.
  4. The difference between where I am today and where I thought I would be ten years ago.
  5. The one experience that changed my life forever.
  6. Why I would never recommend eating tacos before going on an amusement park ride.
  7. The day I saved someone’s life and why I never spoke about it to anyone.
  8. How it feels to lose everything in the world and have to start over from nothing.
  9. The dreams and aspirations of a student in 10th grade.
  10. An epic day in the life of a legendary, backyard explorer.
  11. The most tragic experience of my life.
  12. End your story with the following statement; “and that’s why I no longer enjoy going on camping trips.”
  13. How I spent the best 10 minutes of my life.
  14. What it means to be a teenager in a superficial, competitive world surrounded by cameras.
  15. My ten year old self’s definition of a good day.
  16. My impression of the world when I was a little kid, growing up in the country.
  17. The reason why I could never agree with my sibling, even though I care about them.
  18. What I would do if I came across a pirate’s hidden treasure while at the beach with my family.
  19. How I would spend my last day alive if I knew my death was coming.
  20. My most hated job and how I quit.
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