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Picking Up Topics On Compare And Contrast Essay On You And Your Friend

Compare and contrast essays are basically written by comparing different entities (mostly two) and then describing the main similarities and differences between them. These sorts of essays should be done with a sharp observation about the ways you are linking those things, persons or ideas.

Writing papers can actually be a fun if you are dealing with the right topic. Therefore, always take your time for choosing a suitable one. Following are the general tips which can help you in choosing your topic;

If you are given a task of writing something at college in which you have to basically compare different attributes between you and your friend, and you have not been given any particular topic, then it might be a little challenging for you. However, it is not that difficult because it’s about you and your friend and you better know both of you. You should keep following things in mind while selecting a theme for your writing piece:

Keeping in mind all of the above points, you can create many ideas but still if you are not able to do so, the following topics can help you as a sample for brainstorming new ideas:

  1. There are many things that make John, who is quite a different person, my best friend.
  2. Mine and my best friend’s hobbies.

Finally, you can pick different themes for writing but those ones will be great which can let you relate yourself with your friend in more interesting ways.

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