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Creative Ideas For Persuasive Essays On Global Warming

Global warming is a complex issue that students often analyze in their persuasive essays. This assignment aims to convince the reader about a particular claim that you agree with. The following original ideas will help you compose an interesting paper. To learn more about this kind of writing, study the guidelines provided below.

10 Great Persuasive Essay Ideas on Global Warming

  1. The use of fossil fuels and its consequences.
  2. Write about how using fossil fuels causes the greenhouse effect and, therefore, the global temperature increase.

  3. A historical timeline of global warming.
  4. Focus on temperature records in different parts of the planet and prove that such climate change significantly affects people and their lifestyles.

  5. The relationship between greenhouse gas emissions and rising temperatures.
  6. Argue that the link between the increase in greenhouse concentration in the atmosphere and global warming is not as strong as scientists expected.

  7. The scientific consensus on causes and effects of the climate change.
  8. Find out why some scientists oppose the fact that human activities caused the current climate change and provide strong counterarguments.

  9. National laws aimed to stop global warming.
  10. Persuade your audience that only global cooperation can help reduce negative effects of climate change.

  11. How businesses suffer from temperature increase.
  12. Illustrate the point that companies that rely on cold weather suffer and have to change their specialization.

  13. The attempts to solve a problem of climate change.
  14. Find vivid examples that prove that some policies actually are worse than useless, so people should develop more effective and safer solutions.

  15. Ambitious emission reducing goals.
  16. Examine the policy applied in New York City to cut greenhouse emissions by 80% by 2050 and show that it is less effective than the authorities expected.

  17. The true threats of global warming.
  18. Claim that governments do not inform the citizens of the dangerous effects that climate change can actually have.

  19. Why there is no need to worry about carbon dioxide emissions.
  20. Support the position that there is a lack of reliable evidence to prove the impact of such emissions on the temperature increase.

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