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Fresh Essay Topics In English To Write About If You Want To Impress Your Teacher

It can be hard to come up with an excellent essay topic to impress your English teacher. Sometimes it can seem impossible to get started when you are staring at the blank sheet of paper or computer screen. Here are some fresh essay topics that are sure to impress your English teacher.

  1. The worst day of my life.
  2. The best thing that happened to me.
  3. How my dog changed my family.
  4. How a baby brother/sister made me a better person.
  5. How I got my nickname.
  6. The day I got my driver’s license.
  7. The worst thing about having a nickname.
  8. Why my family thinks I’m strange.
  9. My first date.
  10. The day I found out Santa Clause wasn’t real.
  11. My first day in the dormitory at school.
  12. The first day of college.
  13. My last day at high school.
  14. How I knew I wanted to go to college.
  15. My superpower would be ______.
  16. The reason I know I won’t go to college.
  17. If I were a supervillain I would be _______.
  18. My experience with a ghost.
  19. The day I found out I couldn’t resist _______.
  20. If I were a museum exhibit I would be _______.

What Makes a Good Essay?

The key to writing a good essay is to have a new and exciting viewpoint or to illustrate how you overcame an obstacle. With these topics, you can do either. Picking a theme that focuses on personal experiences ensures that you have a large pool of information to choose from.

Before you sit down to write your essay, make sure it is on a topic that interests you. If you don’t want to read or write about your family pet, that topic isn’t going to be for you. On the other hand, if your dog or cat is a center part of your family this could make for a compelling piece of writing.

Write What You Know

The last thing that you want to do when writing an essay is to write about something that you have no idea about. Writing should come from experiences that you have had. Even if the setting is fiction, the experiences in the essay should be close to your personal experience. This way you will relate to your reader.

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