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Tips on how to write a college narrative essay in an hour

College narrative essays are one of the most important tests conducted by universities to examine the creative skills of the candidate during the admission process. Narrative essays usually showcase the expressive and creative talents of the student. But, is it really possible to write a compelling composition in an hour? It is!

Here are the few tips which may help you write an engaging narrative essay within an hour:

Get ready for the challenge

Narration is a creative process. You need to welcome the challenge in a positive mindset to open the doors of your creativity. Usually fear and anxiety are the worst enemies of imagination. Don’t take the admission process very seriously. This helps you to boundlessly imagine and excitingly expressive.

Sketch an outline

Put your pen on paper and roughly write whatever comes to your mind. It is difficult to construct the whole idea in your mind. Relax and design the outline on a rough paper. Try to integrate two different ideas. Spend some quality 7-10 minutes for outline.

Don’t judge too much

Don’t judge your ideas extensively. Aim for writing a decent narrative composition. Judging the ideas would kill the time and adds pressure. Remember any idea can be narrated beautifully.

Write in passages

This point is common for any type of writing. Write in a readable way. The length of your composition doesn’t matter. The readability matters a lot.

Reveal it slowly

Story telling is an art. Dramatize till the end. Reveal the key things of the story in the beginning tampers the interest quotient of the reader.

Beauty is in details

Detailing the tiny things adds lots of freshness and penetration to a narrative writing. Reader feels like imagining the atmosphere only when enough details are presented in the writing. However, be careful to limit the details at certain point.

Turn the emotion into words

The only significant difference between an article and story is emotion. A good narrator always uses right vocabulary to express the emotions. Using idioms to create the dramatic moments helps the reader to dive deep into the story.

Engaging ends

Always try to begin your narration with an interesting line. Create an impression that they are reading an unique writing piece. Do the same for the ending.

Read it

Spend the last 5-10 minutes for reading your narrative paper. Correct the spelling mistakes and replace the words if necessary. Check whether if it is a good reading experience.

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