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Seven Best Ideas For A Persuasive Essay About Cancer Cure In The US

There are many NGO’s and Societies like an ACS (American Cancer Society) and many people in the US coming forward for giving hands to patients, to fight with cancer.

Here is the list of topics:

  1. Does chemotherapy really cure cancer?
  2. Nearly 70% doctors believe that chemotherapy does not cure cancer. Then why they are giving chemotherapy treatment? The reason is that its function is to slow down the growth rate of cells, it attacks the cancerous cell through its chemo drug leads to suppression of cell growth.

  3. Cancer causing chemicals should be banned in the US?
  4. The government of US is very serious about cancer. More than thousand people in a year dying because of this ‘cancer’. So US prohibited some chemicals that can cause cancer like Methylene chloride (responsible for cancer in animal and human too), Sunscreens in cosmetics(cause skin cancer), use of Chloroform and others. They banned these ingredients and product because prevention is better than cure. These steps can slow down the increase rate of cancer patients in the country.

  5. Should euthanasia give to cancer patients?
  6. In the US it is illegal to give euthanasia. But In a few cases, patients whose treatment become incurable and has to face unbearable suffering and pain can ask for this euthanasia. However, only the very rare patient can get this mercy killing.

  7. Turn into vegetarian can cure cancer?
  8. In the US, more than half population is non vegetarian. And is found that eating non-veg can increase the rate of cancer. According to the British Journal of Cancer ‘those who are vegetarian have 12% less ability to cause cancer.'

  9. Does exercise really cure cancer, or it's just a myth?
  10. Exercise is the key to earning back the health. It's not a myth, but there is the logic behind this, doing exercise regularly makes you and you're immune active and strong to fight with cancer.

  11. Is cell phone cause cancer?
  12. ‘Oh my! I was using mobile that’s why I got brain cancer ‘ ‘I will tell everyone not to use phone’..such crap. Now this called a myth. Phone technology, developing very rapidly and contain far less carcinogenic. So it will not cause cancer, freely use your phones.

  13. Positive attitude better than medicine to cure cancer?
  14. There is no science that explains positive attitude will cure cancer, but Medicines are good in this field. However, positive attitude is also important for patient to fight it from inside, from the soul and to be strong.

So, these are some of the best persuasive essay ideas and topics about cancer cure in the US.

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