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Everything You Need To Know About Types Of Argumentative Essays

Argumentative essays are the ones that allow you to make a certain statement and collect arguments to support your point of view. Such a task is very popular because it develops students’ abilities of critical thinking, creative writing, and rendering proper arguments to defend their opinion. The students, however, rarely think about the fact that there are different types of the argumentative papers and specific features of each of these types determines a lot in the process of writing.

Types of Argumentative Essays

There are two main types of argumentative papers that you should keep in mind.

  1. A call for action.
  2. In such a paper, you accentuate the attention on the need to do something and provide arguments that prove the need.

  3. Conflicting positions.
  4. In this project, you admit that it’s necessary to do something but you render arguments regarding two or more conflicting positions that are supposed to meet the need.

The pure types are rarely seen, in fact. You can find characteristic features of each of them in the other one. You simply need to know them as they are just to know how to build up your argumentation.

Minor Argumentative Essay Types and Features

You can organize your argumentative paper in different ways, depending on its goals and the researched subject.

Persuasive structures are mostly used in the essays that call for action. Debates are perfect for the conflicting positions. The rest of the approaches are mostly used for the mixed argumentative paper structures.

Though everything seems to be quite simple, make sure that you understand the specific features of each paper structure in order to waste no efforts. Consult your teacher just to be sure that you move in a right direction.

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