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10 Tips On Writing A Scholarship Application Essay

So, you are about to embark on the journey of college. Scholarships can help with funding your endeavor. In order to be awarded this valuable benefit, you will need to prepare an essay. More importantly, you will want your essay to stand out! These 10 tips will ensure your composition will leave an impression.

  1. Follow the directions. Those evaluating your written response are not only reading to see if you answered the question, but they will also evaluate whether or not you followed the directions. Simple mistakes can disqualify your brilliant content.
  2. When crafting your piece you will want to write for your audience. Use engaging language to communicate in a way those evaluating your response will understand and relate to.
  3. Understand the overt question, and also the underlying inquiry and how your experiences make you the ideal candidate.
  4. Start with a high level structure. Outlines can be helpful, as can jotting down your thoughts as they come to you. Create the backbone and a guide to your response first – expand from there.
  5. Your writing should speak to why you are the best candidate for the money being dispersed. Provide specific examples about why you are the best candidate. You only have once chance for the award, and now is the time to demonstrate your excellence.
  6. You want to ensure your writing is positive, draws the reader in, and leaves them feeling good about your content.
  7. You have a limited word count, so make sure you are writing to the point; clear and consise.
  8. The directions stipulate specific formatting, make sure you follow it. It has been said before, but it is worth repeating: you must be able to follow direction.
  9. Double check you have answered the entire question. Make sure your response hits on every aspect of the essay requirements, and that you have told a story that shows the reader why you are the candidate who deserves the award.
  10. Edit! Edit! Edit! You do not want grammatical mistakes. Ask a friend or a parent to review your work. Do not submit anything that has not been reviewed by another person.

One of the best funding options available is a scholarship, as you don’t have to pay scholarship moneys back! These tips will help to secure funding to support your quest for knowledge.

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